Birthday Parties—What is included

Each child receives a party favor.  Our past birthday boys have been especially fond of brownies in a jar (ask us to explain).   Our past birthday girls love “design your own chef’s apron”, but we are open to working with you to make this a party to remember.


Time to stop, open presents and enjoy your friends on this special day.

Each party consists of a main food and a birthday treat.  The birthday person can choose to cook either the main meal or the treat.   We have cooked pizza, tacos, waffles, cupcakes, “pizza” cookies, homemade pretzels and brownies.  However there are lots of other possibilities.

We purchase party plates, cups and matching tablecloths in support of your chosen party theme.


Present time



When all the fun wraps up, we clean up what is left behind, while you enjoy the rest of the day with the birthday boy or girl.


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